Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Even though the Sentiment Indicators I follow are at dangerous levels - lessened by the Invisible Hand of the Fed Nonreserve, and that neither Hallowe'en nor JASON (June thru November) semi-cycle is not over, I feel the need to obvert the ZIRP policy of punitive interest rates by doing what Bernanke wants us to do- take on more risk. That said, I went back to an old fave - ERF (Enerplus) for a nice trade, with Ex-D Nov.1 - a 6% dividend for hopefully 2 quarters before the April 16 ITM call takes it away.

I also added to my LEAP profit portfolio ( I hope), with trades on both TSL and NOK; raising the put level since both stocks have run up nicely. Schwab willing, I hope to roll the 2015 NOK 2.50 put up to the 2016 $4 10 times for an additional $200 over and above the 22% return I anticipate ( the stock has gone from   $3.50 to over $7.

Likewise, I am trying to roll my recent TSL put from $7 to 10, where the call is (making it a straddle, not a strangle). I'm hoping to bring in (with a Fill) over $500, adding to the 60% expectation. TSL has gone from under $9 to its current $15.40.

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