Thursday, October 17, 2013


In another "rara avis" for DITM, it sustained a minor loss (less than just an ordinary stock trade), with Calumet CLMT losing just over $1,000. I even bought 2 Nov.1 Puts to hedge, which I'm still holding for "speculation", although CLMT - so far- rebounded off its low, after shaking me out.

In preparation for my talk to the SFBAOG ( Bay Area Option Group) on Saturday the 26th, I shall recap the last several months, back to the May market top, when DITM started going basically sideways, at least in my small IRA. More my failing than DITM's - going flat in preparation for the slow season of Sept. Oct.; my usual vacation weeks; and some bad Sector selection of precious metals and natural resources.

More on the DITM and LEAP talk next week on:

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