Monday, October 21, 2013

Ho Hum

Due to post vacation lassitude I forgot to roll out my Vanguard Natural Resource DITM position - VNR, which was perfectly placed to do so - $28.10, while owning a covered call of $27.50 for Oct. expiry. Having owned it for 13 months, it was probably overdue, as I find the longer one holds a position and rolls out calls, the less the profit is. Still, it garnered an annualized 13.53% (14.66% for the 13 months) not including a "Present Dollar" fact that it pays MoPay - monthly- and those $$ went elsewhere.

For readers who want to know more of DITM (and LEAPS), I am giving a talk this Saturday about them in the city. If you cannot make it, the lecture notes should be posted at the SFBAOG website for paying ($30/year) members.


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