Friday, October 18, 2013


Now that we are in the "What Can Possibly Go Wrong" era - postponing gov't ineptitude; most of the Sept.-Oct. danger zone; tapering put off; virtually no other alternative investment - US or globally, etc. the sugar high continues as the $$ Crack continues to flow in.

That said, I still continue to hedge, with DITM and the LEAP longer term plans. I just put on a BX DITM going out to March (25 call) - nice option premium, considering a low VIX, and a 4+% dividend. Also looking at CA and CNK later in November.

For LEAPs, I'm considering KBH and PHM for the longer haul.

I hope the reader can attend the SFOG options group meetup next Saturday morning at Ft. Mason (Oct 26) for more on LEAPs and DITM.

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