Monday, January 16, 2012


If the "Occupiers" want to effect real change, they should demonstrate in front of the Federal Reserve. Every month, as I look at the left over $$ in my MMF account earning .01%,(and this is before Income Tax, Inflation, and a rapidly declining Dollar), I think of the Trillions of $$ in Pensions, Retirement accounts, CDs, etc. losing buying power. The top quintile of U.S that has disposable income, can put money to risk in stocks and venture capital to widen the gap above the middle class.
This coming Saturday morning, the 21st, I, and a few DITM adherents, are presenting views and actual trading results to the S.F. Bay Area Options Group at Fort Mason. The purest proxy in my DITM trading is my small IRA (99% DITM), which, as of Jan.1, returned 12.78% ACTUAL returns for 2011.
Considering the primary benefit was supposed to be SAFETY (less risk than an Index Fund, due to the safety net of the Call), this is a bit surprising, since it beat most all other asset classes. When one considers that after going through school, raising a family, etc. they have basically 20 years to seriously prepare for retirement, if it happens to be in the current Lost (Double) Decade of Zero rates and Zero stock returns, a struggling Social Security just won't cut it. At least a portion of one's assets must be put at risk, and one must practice fiscal as well as physical fitness to retire well. At last the media is starting to focus on dividend-paying stocks, in its herd-like fashion.
There is a slight learning curve, and trial and error period, to DITM to do it well. I hope to see some of you this weekend.
Here are some sources of dividend stocks: for Income - Harry Domash - free trial

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