Monday, June 23, 2014

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

This past weekend being option expiry (Saturday after the third Friday of each month), another stock was called away in DITM - since the Bull market increased the price of STX (Seagate Tech.) too high  to roll out another six months. Of course the appreciation would have been nice, had I just owned the stock, but the comfort of the cushion was pleasant as well.

Also nice to see was the overall profit for this 8-month holding period:
200 shares were bought at $9,636, ITM calls were immediately sold for $1105, and dividend received were $258, for a total profit  of $918, including the takeaway amount of $9191 (after all commissions).  
That amounts to 14.29% annualized to 12 months, making my 2014 total of 9 completed trades - 12% if annualized from YTD.

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