Friday, July 11, 2014


In my latest DITM trade the good news for FCX - Freeport Copper- is that the annualized return, net of commissions, spreads, and other slippage, was 11% - too bad it only lasted 3 months! Buying it in April and having the August call (the 31 ITM) exercised on my, with the stock over $38 it was too ITM to be rolled out in time.

Since this 200 share trade was in my small IRA, I shall probably do another DITM trade soon to keep this statistic "pure", not mingled with the LEAP Strangle plan, which I now prefer, with Volatility as low as it is these days.

Per my Schwab account statement for the semi-annual 2014 period, what with above slippage and sloth, Reg T-3 (3 day settlement of funds, etc.) the IRA gained 3.40%, making it an annualized 6/80%, unless the VIX picks up, and premium returns.

Keep the Faith!

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