Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Semi Annual Update

Those of you still tracking the DITM strategy, as an alternative to Zero Interest rates (stocks with safety and yield), a pleasant surprise after six months of 2014.
Although the steadily upwards rise, thanks to the Fed ex Machina, has flattened option IV (volatility), which results in the price of the calls, after only 8 closed out trades in 2014 (not including rollouts) the results are in. With only one minor (-$57) loss, the average "annualized" gain was just over 10% - 10.22%.
The last one, today, was a call-away of LO, which jumped so far a rollout was not do-able - too far ITM (in the money) for "extrinsic" premium in the call option. The best measure of volatility - the VIX- is now at a recent record low - sub-12 (11.51), which is a bit worrisome if one looks at the 1-year and 5-year charts of the VIX when it breaks down below 12!
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Despite a fool's errand of trying to time the market, I'm waiting through the seasonally weak June to enter new positions. Possible candidates could be - CSCO, INTC, KKR, STO, even AAPL7 - which is the 10 share lot of APPLE.

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