Friday, May 2, 2014


a little rain must fall!
After 4 good years of  DITM earning 11% in my small IRA ( a DITM microcosm), 2013 actually lost a small amount, due to 5 losses on Energy and gold stocks (my bad, not the DITM strategy). With selling covered calls BELOW the buy price (5 to 10%) such losses should be rare in a 5-6 month timeframe, but better Sector Selection would solve that.
So far in 2014, several trades are still ongoing, but the completed trades (4 wins with one $57 loss!) averaged 4.7% YTD, or 14.1% annualized. Tighter stops are required, and the LEAP strategy is doing much better.  Although final results won't be in until the Leaps expire in 2015 and 2016, one family account I do them in is up 29% over 5 months average holding period.

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