Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Timing Is Everything

Statistics show that mutual funds that outperform invariable underperform five years later - the same may be true of investment strategies. I started DITM in May of 2009, two months after the Fed-driven BULL market started in March '09, and was probably not the best strategy for that era, although for 5 years it did produce @ 10% with SAFETY.
According to Schwab Research, the Bull market is far from over but could get pretty choppy for awhile, raising the IV (Implied Volatilities) of stocks and necessitating more hedging.

Today I put on a trade of CQP - Cheniere - just below $30, with a June 28 call; should go ex-D end of Jan. with a nice dividend % and safety net (History record, not a recommendation!).

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