Friday, January 23, 2015


Although Volatility (VIX) is back - hopefully- and DITM will return to its 10% return, I still like doing the Leap Strangles when I find them. Especially with high IVs (Implied Volatility). Last November I put on a covered call on PAAS (Pan Am Silver) a  Canadian company. I was leery of selling the put side, but after it fell from $16 to below $9 and started to rally, I thought it might be time to sell the other leg.

Leap strangles are not Risk-Free ( I found that out buying the 3X gold ETF: NUGT which I bought at $35, and saw it fall to below $10, but it is working out with fine tuning). The numbers on PAAS are this:
Bought 300 at $3220, sold a call (2017 at 12 strike) for $613; just now sold the put (10 strike also 2017) for $730; it should pay over 4% dividend before January 2017 - $338; and I hope to have it called away at 12 then ($3600). Profit over 27 months $2060 or 64%. Annualized over 12 months - 28%. Considering the safety of bringing in the $$ initially, plus the return, it looks good. The IV is only 50 - half the IV of the NUGT, which is over 100, on the puts and calls.

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