Monday, September 24, 2012


Back from another vacation, I found three stocks (ETFs) called away - at, below, and above average returns:
Iron Mountain (IRM) was a short hold, which had a warning by Barron's, so glad to see it go - Bought last June at $6709 (with comm.), received 1 dividend $54, ITM call premium was $758, stock called at $5991 -net only $94, or 5.60% annualized at the three months return.
SDY, the dividend ETF was better at $10847 cost, $90, $778, and $10,191 returns (see above) for $212 net, or 7.82% ann.
The home run, including a sold put last Jan., was SCCO. which is better since it was 8 months term - 16.96% ann., with put premium included. These are more frequent than losses, so help to mitigate any possible losses.

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  1. BTW - Adding to the SCCO homer - a special dividend occurred leaving me with 2 shares - I guess I'll have to buy 98 next time!