Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Recharged after a fantastic seaside vacation, I came home to find my vacation paid for by a couple 10% (annualized) takeaways:
MAT - Mattel Inc. was called away by its Oct.20 29-strike call on Aug. 24. for a 10.92% return.
STX -Seagate, which has a nice call premium, was called away in early August for a 16.45% annualized sum. (Correction - in a previous post I erred in the net profit - not 23% as stated!).
SDRL - Seadrill was just called this weekend, as with the others - the day before ex-dividend date. SDRL was an unusual ROLLUP with a special dividend, going back 9 months. It was called away ABOVE my Buy price for a 10.13% yield.

With a positive year end anticipated, I am ready to reinvest fully is some great DITM stocks.

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