Friday, July 29, 2011


Since the start of the cyclical Bull Market of March 2009 (and the start of my DITM strategy the following May) there have been 9 corrections of 5% or more - as of today's low. Including the Flash Crash of May 2010, the strategy has sustained only 3 losses, 2 of which regained some ( BP and TLT )- only the UVV trade was a large plunger. This is over 100 round trip trades, and no losses have occurred in more than a year.
Currently of my 22 positions (fully invested) 14 are safely above water - 8 slightly below. Half of the belows are naked puts which:1) take me up to ex-dividend date 2) add to total return and 3)alert me that the date is imminent, whether the put is ITM or OTM. Upcoming very profitable candidates include LO and MAT.
This has been a very interesting summer so far. In hopes of finding a fund that I could subadvise on to get a pure results reading, I attended a very civilized Schwab dinner at the swank Omni hotel, put on by US Global funds; Thursday, the TSAA held a luncheon at Alfred's hosting Matt Hougan from, an ETF analyzer who will also be at the Money Show.
Also this week I was happily informed that my magazine article on DITM came out in - an English version of the German trading and T/A Zine; also the eBook version of Zero(IN)Tolerance purportedly arrived at screens such as Nook, iPads, Sony, etc. - everyone except Kindle, which may happen in December.
BTW, I would appreciated any feedback about accessing the eBook, as I do not have an eReader. Although successful in bringing it up on the iPad and Nook -both were prices, 2010 dates and ISBN# from my Print book.
The Money Show is August 10 through 12, with Tom Hudson and Hilary Kramer from Nightly Business Report; Charles Biderman, Harry Domash of Dividend Detective and the SF Chronicle; also the TSAA and GGU will have a booth there, and a room on Thursday evening.
This debt decline poses a possible great opportunity to initiate some DITM trades, starting with the DIA, which pays monthly.

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