Monday, September 23, 2013


As I mentioned in my Examiner column:

DITM has gone into "Stall speed" - still beating Zero rates, but the Volatility caused by an artificially rising market has brought down the average return, as well as activity.
This time of year I usually go on weekly vacations, since it is the worst two months (usually) of the year, and I rather be underinvested, looking for better entry points.

Ergo, I let some positions get called away, rather than roll them forward:
DOW, which had been held for 15 months - usually this means lesser overall profits the longer it is held- actually returned a nice annualized 12.28%, around the average. It took a little tweaking, rolling down, and then up, scalping a few more $$.
My DVY position ran too far to roll, so was called after only 3 months,  with a 7% annualized return. ESV also expired its call, but it has dropped slightly below its call price, so I'll just keep taking the dividend until it rallies.
 Finally, August callaways were LO, for an 8% gains; LMT (only 5.4%); BBY 19% even though the callaways were in 3 staggered lots.  

For now, I am mostly concentrating on my LEAPS strategy, now that the 2016 Leaps are out.
In October (26th) at Fort Mason I am giving a talk to the San Francisco Bay Area Options Group on both LEAPS and a DITM wrapup. 

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