Friday, April 26, 2013

MAYDAY Post Script:

Afterthoughts to the previous blog:
I did a DITM B/W (buy/write) on CLMT (Calumet) using the 35 strike.

On the LEAP side, After a trade on NOK, I'm assuming (!) that it will again declare and pay its annual dividend (although again reduced) around the first of May. I had sold an April 3 1/2 Put, which was assigned so I sold the 2015 3 1/2 call, and another 2015 put (2 1/2) for a combined $1.25, which, along with two annual dividends - hopefully another $.50, will cover much of the cost of the stock, espec. if it is called at 3 1/2 in January 2015.
NOK would have to fall and STAY below 2 1/2 by then for me to be assigned another 1000.  

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