Monday, November 5, 2012


It has been awhile since the last update, with seasonal vacations taking priority. But during that spell the DITM-model "small" IRA set a new high (adjusted for withdrawals before DITM started). This, despite 3 of my 6 current positions slightly under water with October's malaise - while taking dividends and rolling out call positions.
Most recent was the "calling" away of APL before the next dividend. Annualized return after exactly 6 months was...23.88%. This helps make up any rare plungers such as Vale, CLF, With well over a hundred trades in the past 3 1/2 years, only a handful of these plungers (BP, UVV, come to mind) lost money, with a couple I could have ridden out.
APL, with a cost of $7169 in May 1 (200 shares) returned $810 in call premium and $224 in dividends, for  a net of $856 (divided by 7169 to annualize). Not bad considering the safety net of the lower call. 
Other callaways were QRE for 14.876% and LINE for only 8.24%; IRM was only 5.6% but HUN gained 40% (annualized) over a 3 month holding.
With the sideways markets there have been mostly rollouts, so not enough data to provide a recap of 2012 yet. Stay tuned.

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