Thursday, April 26, 2012


As I said in my presentation, CLF (Cliff Resources) has a nice profit and safety net, so that a put or put spread might be a good idea for Safe Investing. Since I'll be going on vacation (to the REAL casinos) for a few days, I put on a May 18 put spread on CLF: BPO May 57.50; SPO May 55 for a debit of $.30. Max return is $2.50- less .30). Apparently revenues were off slightly, although EPS was great (one-time gain). Support seems at $63, so it bears watching.
Not sure if I want to continue testing on the Annual Dividends I've been doing - 3 years now, but infrequent and few. Upside is you get the whole year dividend at one shot - downside is you cannot roll out to the next Q (no div'd!). VALE - an annual but proved semi this year with the special div'd- if the price holds up- looks like a 22% annualized gain by June.
NVS, currently just under water, would net my average - 10.4% over 5 months to July. Stay tuned!

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