Monday, June 27, 2011


It seems everyone wants to get into the act - Barron's had stories from Steve Sears, the option guy, and even Randall Forsyth about buying dividend stocks and selling defensive calls on them (though not ITM). S Lazo notes since 1930 dividends have supplied 51.5% of stock returns - 100% in the 1930s and 2000s.
Meanwhile, I have been asked to write an article about DITM for this German zine: nice company of authors!
Also, I am preparing my Zero book for eBooks, probably through Smashwords Publishers - price will drop down by 1/3.
I hope to have a meetup with Schwab's proprietary ETF and fund group - Laudus - about possibly helping manage or consult on a fund to purely test the theory, sans GNMAs, bonds, etc. now in my family accounts.
I just put on 2 other trades today: BMY, selling the Dec. 27 calls; and PWE, which is suffering from wildfires in Canada - selling only the July 22 call (scalping for a month, a la Randy Frederick's column in Schwab's Option Letter.
I remain fully invested, unscathed by the recent 7 week downturn -only 2-3 positions slightly under water.

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