Monday, April 18, 2011

These are the days, my friends -

That it pays to be in DITM. Casually glancing over my fully-invested portfolio of 15 stocks, only 1 - the troublesome TLT (which I hedge with the TBT) - is "under water" with the Down Jones off 250 points. Then the TLT does an about face of nearly 2% upwards.

Options Exaspiration only took one position away -gladly- my PEP, having rolled out a few others earlier in the month. Pepsi was put on in November, so after 5 months i only received just under 6% annualized, only about 1/2 of my current running average.

As I am going on vacation next week, I shall wait until my return to reposition, at which time there are some semi-annual and annual trades to capture.

I've been applying for an author position at SeekingAlpha, which may interfere with my blogging - as they want proprietary claim. It is a great site to retrieve good candidates for DITM, or anything else.

Happy Easter!

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